My research focusses on central star clusters in galaxies, also known as nuclear star clusters (NSCs). These objects are the densest stellar systems known and appear most frequently in galaxies of approximately a billion solar masses; about a tenth of the stellar mass of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. My research on NSCs is motivated by several aspects:

Nuclear region of NGC 628
Color-composite JWST near-infrared image of the central 950pc × 950pc of Messier 74, a nearby grad-design spiral galaxy, featuring a bright nuclear star cluster.

Increased interest in NSC resulted in analyses of statistically significant data sets over the last decade, pushing the number of known clusters beyond one thousand. Nevertheless, many questions about the details of their formation, evolution, and relation to host galaxies and massive black holes remain unanswered. The goal of my research is to investigate further these subjects on the basis of high-resolution observational data and semi-anayitcal modelling techniques.

If you are interested to learn more about my research or NSCs in general, please check my publications or get in touch with me!

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